Saturday, 22 January 2011

Stripe Away

 Quicksilver Stripe Long shirt- Unbranded tartan skirt-Anes Bow-Rosario is Mine

So my school held an art performance with the theme of Memory Culture Love and Life. Lately I'm busy with the event decor so I had missed many lessons. But it does not matter as long as I am still strong to pursue lessons. So at that stage there will be Barry's art and Jubing Likuhamuwa. If you want to buy tickets, just look @ mcl2stangela on twitter.

About someone I've forgotten, he even looked at me continue. His friends always called him when I passed her class. strange why he had my attention lately.

My relationship with my friends also getting better, although yesterday I had to make some people cry with my words are out of control. I'm soorrry Irmina Karyadi  and Stephanie Kurniawan. : D

Thursday, 6 January 2011

its me

hey, it looks like I never introduced myself before haha. my name is Adis, my friends call me disoy (goood -___-). I was 15 years old. now I live in Bandung. and i have one sister, hmmm whta else??? I don't want to publish too much (not the real reason, I am just confused on how to introduce myself.) I am new in this world, hopefully I can mingle.

hello hello kinda busy

so i just mix my one-shoulder dress with my skirt, and that's bandana is my scarf :D i'm glad to see nice comments on my blog thanks guys! i hope my blog can be better :) keep support me!!

andd, i wanna share this song with you (soundtrack of Step Up 3 from Laza Morgan-This Girl) :

There’s this girl, the one and only wonder of this world 
And it don’t matter if the road gets rough, if me rich or poor 
She stay down with me if me go to war (my girl)

Love you cuz you are, every single star
In the constellation, that’s enlightening my heart
Special gift from Jah, wherever you are
Girl you got more presents than a hundred santa clauses,
And I know (I know) we’ll stand together when the world falls down
And I know (I know) that our forever’s gonna start right now, yeah
These are hardest times, love’s so hard to find
Blessed is the man who has a woman at his side
This for you I write, never do me wrong
If you’re ever missing me just listen to this song
And you know (you know) we lay together when the sun goes down
And I know (I know) still be together when it comes back ’round


Friday is school. Finallyy... (hey girl you got crazy?) NO, but i just miss my best haha :) i'm not miss exam, teacher at all!!!

Well..people hate you because thry felt in love with you.. :)

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Resolutions for two plus zero plus one and one

  • Be a better person! ;) I've changed so much in 2010. sometimes can be freak, kind, mean, and hope this year gonna be good :) we'll hope so..
  • Yes! Absolutely become closer to my creator and my family :) sometimes in 2010, my own life is numero uno. do not act like that anymore! noooooo...
  • Be more confident! Rock this :) Its my life, my job and i'm the boss. what are you affraid of? world is waiting for you.
  • I build my fashion blog become better :)
  • School is everything, even keep studying keep student dying but please... that's for your future yaaa? \m/
  • Start to learn more language.. i've done with Indonesia (ofc), English, Korean and French. But i'm not fluently at all. oh ya, am I missing Sundaneese? lol.
  • Be mature, keep trying and positive thinking.. These what you need for the real resolution is..
  • Think and then think again.. you go ACT.
  • Less work more fun! even somebody tells Talk less Do More? Oprah Winfrey famous because she have intellegence on her mouth.
  • Social. Placement test. I'm coming.

lil exhausted.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


i have no time to make an outfit post in here. aaa i never have my own time hehe.. i like my father, busy lol. so i'm in love with my lacey shirt. i just realized it, cute...

haha SORRY for the bad pics.. taken from my Blackberry :D